Popcorn Gifts and Ideas

You pick the flavors:  two bags of medium 5 ounce Delights, two bags of large 9 ounce Delights, one medium 1.5 ounce Savory, and one large 2.5 ounce Savory

The perfect custom handmade gourmet gift basket / box.  A beautiful gift box loaded with color and our signature premium popcorn flavors. Each bag is carefully selected to give a wide array of flavors. Choose from our selection of beautiful gift basket / box for every taste and budget.  Our LARGE gift basket / box include two large Delight gourmet popcorn bags, one large Savory bag, and three medium gourmet popcorn bags.  You pick the special and unique flavors to suprise and delight for your special gift. Choose form any of our 20+ gourmet flavors like Chocolate Avalanche, River Bottom Crunch, Cheddar Cheese, Cherry Cordial, Caramel Apple, and Blizzard just to name a few gourmet flavors.
Please feel free to contact Customer Service at 719-226-2676 to further assist you in your gift giving.