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About Us

Colorado Kernels, Inc
2748 S. Janitell Road, Colorado
Springs Co 80906
(719) 226-2676 / Fax (719) 226-2679

Sharing a bucket of popcorn is a simple leisure enjoyed by everyone. We want to enhance your popcorn experience with the most delectable gourmet popcorn and nuts you will ever munch. With flavors like Chocolate Avalanche, River Bottom Crunch, or White Cheddar we are sure you will agree WE ARE THE DIFFERENCE IN GOURMET POPCORN!


We start with premium non-GMO American grown popcorn and blend it with all real ingredients. Just like you would craft at home, we use Pure Cane Sugar, Land O’ Lakes cheese, the finest Guittard Chocolates, real sweet cream Butter, hand mixed caramel and toffee, and wholesome nuts to create our gourmet flavors. Each batch is handmade for your snacking pleasure.


Our Cinnamon nuts are made on authentic German roasters for the best crunch and sweetness. We use whole cashews, pecans, and almonds. In traditional fashion, no oils are ever used for our nuts.  


No preservatives ever needed as we use FDA airtight packaging for maximum freshness!


When you share gourmet popcorn with friends and family, make sure it is the best! We guarantee you will be hungry for more.


Colorado Kernels, since 2002, is a family owned business run by a busy mom of three active daughters. We make our home in Colorado and are proud to share a Taste of the Rockies with you. Like moms everywhere, Jannelle only wants real ingredients for her kids and shares that wholesome goodness in Colorado Kernels. 

For large venue and stadium services, please visit our sister company, Mountain High Concessions.

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