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Colorado Kernels, Inc
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About Our Poppin' Product:

Colorado Kernels Popcorn Delights Inc.
Are the makers of the finest Gourmet Popcorn in the Rockies! While our competitors may cut costs by using inferior products, packaging, and labeling, we don't and here's why! The Deliciously Decadent flavors of crunchy popcorn are enhanced by the finest Guittard Chocolates, California Nuts, and Homemade Toffee mixed with the best popping corn, real butter, and pure cane sugar to create the Taste of the Rockies!

Our packaging is food approved and air-tight to provide a beautiful appeal, safety, and a shelf life of 120 days for the savory's and 180 days for the "Premiums". Care to avoid direct light and heat will maintain and extend the shelf life.

We meet all FDA and state labeling requirements. Regulations are very specific as to size and location of labeling and most of all identifying the ingredients. Our customers are too important!

Our products are made in a licensed facility using NSF and approved equipment. Except for the popping and mixing stages, all of our products are hand mixed and packaged (machine free) to provide the true gourmet appeal and taste.

"Taste of the Rockies" majesty will PEAK the interest and taste of any customer or gift giver. The 1oz to 11oz packaging fits perfectly in all gift baskets and store shelving! Weight is approximate due to the hand made craftsmanship.

Choose from over 25 of our premium and savory flavors to make your popcorn experience the best! We now offer resealable bags upon request and free shipping


What makes Colorado Kernels Unique: 

We support your "Advertising" and "Name Drop" campaigns by providing a "Custom Labeling" alternative! We provide this service free of charge, all you have to do is provide us with a picture file of your logo and we take care of the rest! Whether you continue to use our Colorado Kernels label or design your own, the Popcorn inside is always the Best!



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Your Business deserves to be on this list!

*When shipping, we ask a 2 case minimum (24 a case). Mixing flavors is o.k. provided same size. *Product is shipped within 72 hours. *Larger orders may take longer. *All shipping is made directly from our stores using FEDEX and USPS ground. *Shipping cost not included. *We have a money back guarantee and accept VISA and MASTERCARD. *15 day payment upon credit approval.
* We do not have a buy back program.