Popcorn by Colorado Kernels Popcorn Delights is a beautifully themed 3.5 Gallon BIRTHDAY Bucket with 6 large resealable bags with the flavors of your choosing. Choose your own combination from inventory of delicious flavors. From our sweet and salty Kettle Corn, the cheesiest Cheddar Cheese, Sea Salt Caramel Corn, our signature Chocolate Avalanche, River Bottom Crunch with Almond/Pecans, and our spicy and tangy Buffalo Ranch just to name a few.

We now have a new and better to buy popcorn in tin!  The 3.5 gallon designer bucket is individually designed for a unique theme and appeal and is perfect for shipping Colorado Kernels popcorn and a host of other uses for continuued uses. 

The large size bags are perfect for sharing at parties, giving as gifts, and you'll enjoy the 6 flavors of your choosing! The bags are re sealable to lock in freshness and clear so you can every kernel of delious popped popcorn.

We are all natural using finest ingredients to insure the freshest and tastiest Colorado Kernels popcorn! Cane Sugar, Mid West Popping Corn, Pure Coconut Oil, Land O Lakes Cheddar Cheese, California Almonds and Pecans, Guittard Chocolates, and Sweet Cream Butter.

Birthday Delight Popcorn Bucket

Delight Flavor 1
Delight Flavor 2
Delight Flavor 3
Delight Flavor 4
Delight Flavor 5
Delight Flavor 6

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